5 Self Love Rituals to Feel Yourself

5 Self Love Rituals to Feel Yourself

We're celebrating amor propio the xulita way <3

By Les Xules

5 min read

5 Self Love Rituals to Feel Yourself

Cultivating self-love isn’t something that is done all at once. There are stages and steps, routines and rituals to building a deep bond within ourselves. We truly believe that incorporating small rituals into our everyday lives can result in big changes in the long run.

Take yourself on a solo date

Going on a date doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it as a pair with someone else–sometimes it’s just more fun to go out on your own, you know, perrear sola. We’ve done a deep dive into our favorite solo date ideas, and here’s the quick-and-easy guide:

  • Go to the museum: Go to your local museum and take in the culture
  • Hit the movie theater: Buy yourself a movie ticket–take a break from streaming and watch a movie on the big screen with some snacks!
  • Hike the trails: You can use online resources like AllTrails to find local hiking trails at multiple difficulty levels, complete with insider reviews so you can show up prepared.
  • Spa day: Find a spa, sauna, or bathhouse near you and enjoy a steamy solo trip that leaves your body feeling refreshed and clean.
  • Buy yourself flowers: We said it before Miley did! Go to the florist and put together a custom bouquet for yourself.
  • Pack a picnic: If weather permits, pack in some sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, or other portable foods and spread out a blanket in a field or park with a good book or a bluetooth speaker.

Create an altar

If you’re a frequent reader of the Xulita Journal, you know we have a history of creating altars. The practice connects deeply with many cultures and lifestyles. Choose three items to place on your altar that feel sacred, remind you of your fullest self, or just feel beautiful. A candle, your favorite flowers, a crystal or a stone, a written mantra you want to remember. The place you choose to create your altar is just as important as what you put in it. Remember, your home = sacred space, so find the spot that feels just right to leave your intentions.

Incorporate rose

Rose has a lengthy history as the flower of love and self-love. You could incorporate rose by using rose oil (diluted by a carrier oil, of course!) on your body, or dropped delicately into a bath or a fragrant shower. The petals are used in teas. Rose water is also a popular ingredient in desserts. If you’re prone to baking, try this Persian Love Cake recipe–it can be made gluten-free and the batter is forgiving even for the beginner baker. You can reduce the sugar, but rose water is a must!

Indulge in herb

We are no strangers to rituals involving cannabis. We’ve used it in our winter solstice rituals and gone on at length about easy ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. Whether you indulge in artisanal edibles or CBD pre-rolls, this is one herb that goes perfectly with solo vibes. 

Engage in your community

Self-love isn’t about cutting yourself off from the world! Sometimes it’s best to take time for that self-care moment, but true love comes from the community that you build within yourself and around yourself. Whether that’s donating time or dollars, or just sending a message to a person you care about and telling them sincerely how important they are to you, small gestures can go a long way.