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PLAYLIST: Love by myself

PLAYLIST: Love by myself

It's February and it's high time to get in touch with intimacy. Our team put together a playlist with self intimacy at the forefront of our minds and wanted to share it with you.

Pero self intimacy—qué es eso? ⁠

While it is often assumed that intimacy = sex, there are many ways to explore solo intimacy beyond physical touch. The practice of creating a deep connection with the self primero is the first step to self intimacy. While you can engage with solo intimacy on an as-needed basis, it also might be worth considering ritualizing these practices to stay consistent in connecting with yourself. ⁠

It takes time and patience to cultivate a relationship with your inner self. In the end, it’s not something you can do, it is something that does you.⁠

So dale play on our sexy and playful playlist and, well, do yourself.


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