woman in white shirt using uff touch soothe balm by xula

Xula's Self-Love Gift Guide

Be your own Valentine all month long. The Xula team put together a guide of our favorite self-love gifts that nurture your mind, body, and impeccable style.

By Les Xules

5 min read

woman in white shirt using uff touch soothe balm by xula

Be your own Valentine all month long. The Xula team put together a guide of our favorite self-love gifts that nurture your mind, body, and impeccable style. Sure, you can also use this little list to find a gift for your friend or lover—and many of these items can actually be shared—but we’re here to say that a self-gift is a totally valid act of love toward oneself. As always, we're featuring multiple Mexico-based brands, so keep in mind that some prices are in Mexican pesos while others are in dollars. We don't get a cut from these sales, we're just here to share the love.

arc toy by dame

Arc by Dame from enby

I love shop enby (a black-owned, trans-inclusive sex shop), especially because their selections are not oddly anatomical or gendered so they make me feel affirmed and secure. -Omi


jardin scented candle 

Vela Jardín Obispado by Momiji

A very subtle scent to set the mood - great for a bath or to cuddle in bed and read a book (or get intimate with yourself 😉). The essences include higo, pachuli and toronja—just like a fresh garden. -Lety


uff touch soothe xula balm

Uff! Touch + Soothe by Xula

I’ve been really into using Xula’s Uff! Touch + Soothe balm for self foot and hand massages. After a day of typing and walking these parts of our bodies (feet and hands) need the most love. There’s something incredibly erotic and soothing about literally being able to touch and soothe yourself. The warm, herbaceous, woody and spicy profile of essential oils and plant-based ingredients also activates the sensation of smell while you gently knead into the arches of your feet — and/ or the pressure point in the webbing between your thumb and index finger, known to reduce stress, headaches, and neck pain. Try it. -Mennlay


hario teapot

ChaCha Kyusu “Zen” Teapot by Hario

A pot of high-quality loose-tea just hits differently than a microwaved mug and tea bag. A solid tea pot is great for weaning off coffee or just treating yourself to loose-leaf tea or fresh, herbal blends—chopping up some fresh ginger root and placing it in the metal basket can be a small luxury. Hario specializes in strong, heat-proof glass that’s easy to clean, great for pouring yourself many tiny cups of hot tea. I recommend sizing up to 450ml if you drink a lot or if you’d like to have tea for 2-3. -Layla


solo hemp balance by xula

Solo Hemp: Balance by Xula

A great way to relax - which is an essential part nowadays of my self care daily routine. Relaxing isn’t only good for my mental health - but it dramatically reflects on my emotional and physical wellbeing. -Lety



quim oil lube

Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim

Long before the height of the CBD craze in the U.S., Quim launched a product based on the philosophy of skincare for your yoni — which is brilliant. Why are we not caring for the skin surrounding our sex like the way we do with the skin on face, neck, or hands? Although they have a lot of various products specifically for people with vaginas, my favorite is their Happy Clam Everyday Oil (this product is not látex safe but safe for all other types of self play!) -Mennlay


in real life book by leticia sala with pink cover

In Real Life by Leticia Sala

This book has a bunch of poems both in english and español. Leticia Sala has a beautiful voice that talks about modern love in a very relatable way. -Lety


sparkle sterling silver earrings

Sparkle Aretes by Joya

Hand-made, made-to-order jewelry and talismans in Ecuador by multi-hyphenate designer-DJ-model Joya. The earrings are sterling silver and come in cheeky and edgy designs like Los Destellos (Sparkles) and Las Navajas (Razors). DM for orders, prices, and international shipping details. -Layla


bronzing oil

Beso de Sol by Marena

My favorite self love activity is laying under the sun. It is when I feel the happiest and most beautiful, and this tan lotion is not only 100% orgánica y biodegradable—but it shimmers! -Lety


in the mood for love film still

In The Mood for Love by Kar-Wai Wong

Sometimes I find myself comfortably turned-on by the concept of pain and suffering in love. Abstinence, anticipation, impact play, and taboos are all themes that I appreciate within the context of love and pleasure. Something I think this movie beautifully captures in its own way. An early 2000s instant cult classic, In the Mood for Love, directed by Kar-Wai Wong, is a must see if you’re in the mood for beautiful cinematography, stunning costume design, and forbidden love. -Mennlay


mhm moon and mood formula by xula

Mhm! Moon + Mood by Xula

This is my go-to formula from Xula’s debut product line. Red raspberry root calms my cramps down while the infusion of turmeric helps with my full-body bloat. The balance of CBD and CBG makes me feel noticeably more in tune with my body and cycle. -Layla


maude scented candle with hand and lit match

Burn no. 1 massage candle by Maude

Physical touch is so important to me and massage candles are a fun way to explore temperature play with myself or with company. -Omi