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Take Yourself Out On a Solo Date

By Les Xules

5 min read

woman side profile and pink rose

Now that we’re emerging back into the world, there’s a metric ton of pressure to go out with other people are reinsert ourselves in the social arena. Enjoying time outside of your home doesn’t need to be a huge group endeavor or even a one-on-one date situation—you can have a deeply enriching and delicious time totalmente solita. You don’t need to be an introvert to enjoy these ideas; taking yourself out is also a great way to meet people outside of your bubble, if you’re into that sort of thing. 2022 is the year of No More FOMO, cause you’re about to DIY your day and take yourself out. Our advice: Take a full dropper (or two) of Solo Hemp's Balance or Ah! Cam + Clarity before or while engaging in these activities so you'll be centered and in the zone for you-time.

Day at the Museum

If you live in a city, especially a city with a moody climate (side-eye to snowy and steamy New York), a day at the museum is a cute way to escape the elements and get lost in some art. Put your phone away and bring a notebook to record thoughts about pieces that really hit—phone photos never really capture the experience and texture of the real thing and journaling (or sketching) can capture a work in the way you’re eyes and body are encountering it.

Cinema Lover

Going to the movies alone is severely underrated. If two years of streaming on our tiny screens and home projectors taught us anything, it’s that the movie theater experience isn’t dead. You don’t need to worry about anyone else’s taste but your own when you’re making your pick.

Get Your Hike On

Look up your local trails, pull on your boots, make sure to print out your maps and bring plenty of water. Hiking alone is plenty safe, just make sure to tell someone where you’re going, since you may lose signal and even GPS data in more remote locations. It’s also not uncommon to make trail friends with other people taking themselves out. Also: Anything outside can be a hike if you call it one.

Solo Spa

Now that spas and bathhouses are a thing again, why not take advantage of it and take yourself out on a relaxing spa date? Massage, facials, sauna—whatever is on the menu, you’re sure to appreciate treating yourself.

    Fantastic Florals

    We don’t need anyone to bring us a bouquet, because we’re making our own. Take a trip to seek out your local florist so you can make a bouquet or five to brighten your day and atmosphere. Don’t shy away from asking about the flowers—their names, where they’re sourced from, what they signify, how long they tend to last—and have a mini master class in floristry.

    Picnic for One

    Pack your bag or basket with snacks, wine, fruit, and a book and head to your favorite park or bucolic field. You’re taking yourself on a picnic and it’s going to be glamorous.