Period Daze

First-Ever Spliff Formulated for Periods

Xula teams up with Barbari to bring you PERIOD DAZE pre-rolls

A match made in el cielo—Barbari and Xula bring you fast-acting, smokeable period support for your bleeding days. These botanically blended pre-rolls are made to help you find more ease during the most painful days of the menstrual cycle. Every herb selected works synergistically to soften cramps and the discomforts of the uterus. Each crafted pre-roll includes organically grown hemp cannabinoids, combined with organically-sourced food-grade herbs to ease the bleed. 

This herbal blend is a mix of red raspberry leaf, mugwort, hemp, chamomile, cramp bark, and rose. Each pack includes 2 perfectly packed pre-rolls and every herbal spliff contains 25mg CBG from High Desert Nectar to elevate the mood and 25mg CBD from Ranchera Familia to soften the aches. The perfect proportion to have you find your balance during the most intense days of the menstrual cycle. For smoke-free period cramp relief, Xula also offers Happy Period, a clinically-backed expert blend of herbs in tincture form that can be taken sublingually or added to fun beverages. 

The first small batch orders of Period daze pre-rolls are set to ship out to all states in the U.S. November 5th.


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