Flow & Chill Trio


Whether you're dealing with menstrual discomfort or simply seeking to de-stress and unwind, our "Flow & Chill" bundle has got you covered throughout the month.

With a combination of herbal and hemp-based formulas, you can find relief from period symptoms and daily stress in a comprehensive, all-natural way. This bundle includes our best-selling Happy Period drops and Period Daze pre-roll for menstrual support, as well as our Calm + Clarity softgels for enhanced relaxation and stress relief.

We invite you to light-up our Period Daze pre-roll for more immediate cramp relief and take our Happy Period drops for longer lasting support during your period. 


happy period

calm + clarity (sg)

period daze

The set you did not know you needed.

☑️ Unbothered. Happy. In Your Period. Focused. Flourishing.

Feel yourself with this bundle & get ready for the fun but exhausting summer days.

3rd party tested for purity

organically grown ingredients

cold pressed full-spectrum extracts

clinically backed botanicals

30-day guarantee (love it or it's on us)