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We've teamed up with our herbal sisters at Barbari to formulate the 1st botanical preroll spliff for your period!

WHEN + HOW TO SMOKE:  We recommend smoking on day 1 of your cycle; or as soon as you feel cramps and symptoms of your period coming on. Sometimes this can be the day before you actually start bleeding/menstruating. Inhale 3-10 puffs or until your symptoms subside. Repeat as necessary.  

How it works/Benefits
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Red Raspberry Leaf, Mugwort, Hemp, Chamomile, Cramp Bark, Rose

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Ingredients with a purpose

Red Raspberry Leaf

Uterine tonic, reduces anxiety

Rubus idaeus
● It has been used for centuries as a uterus toner and it is now known to have substance frafarine, which does just that (help tighten muscles in the pelvic area). [1]
● It is known as a female tonic herb and used to support hormonal balance.
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Cramp relief, reduces anxiety, eases tension.

Artemisia Vulgaris
●Flavor: Discrete taste; lightly floral and bitter. (And burns well.)
●In western herbalism, it is considered a lunar herb and very much connected to the divine feminine.
●Shown to help ease tension, promote menstruation and reduce cramping in the womb (though no study for this effect when smoked). [2]
● Promotes vivid dreaming and insight during meditation. Has mild psychotropic effect when awake. [3]
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Cramp relief, relaxing, aromatic.

Matricaria Chamomilla.
● Flavor: Mild earth and fruity
● It is both an antispasmodic and sedative; helping reduce both mental and physical tension.[7]
● Clinical studies have found chamomile to be effective in helping relieve both PMS and menstrual cramp symptoms. [6]
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Eases tension, mood boost

Rosa spp
● Flavor: Light and Aromatic.
● Affects the nervous system by relaxing it and releasing tension. [6][7]
● Historically used to boost mood and for heart-opening properties. [7]
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Cramp Bark

Cramp relief, eases tension

Viburnum Opulus L
● Flavor: Rich, bitter, and slightly sweet.
● Found to help relieve involuntary muscle spasms and cramps for a wide range of conditions including asthma, chronic headaches, labor, and menstrual cramps. [4]
● Native Meskwaki people of America used it to tread cramps, bodily pains, and involuntary spasms such as asthma. [5] ● Native Americans smoked cramp bark as a substitute for tobacco.
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Cramp relief, mood boost, reduces anxiety

Cannabis sativa ssp.

● CBD supports the inhibition of pathways associated with inflammation [3]
● CBD supports pain relief by modulating the TPRV-1 receptors, part of a neural pathway related to pain perception. [4]
● Studies have shown that CBG has a host of analgesic properties supporting pain relief [5][6]
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Mood boost, reduces anxiety

Cannabis sativa ssp. Sativa
● CBD ingestion demonstrates improved clinical outcomes for healthy adults experiencing anxiety, as well as for people experiencing generalized anxiety disorder and other associated manifestations. [11]
● CBG is shown to be an alpha(2)-adrenoceptor agonist and 5-HT(1A) receptor antagonist, meaning it works with one set of receptors associated with reduced anxiety and blocks another set to help maintain normal emotional states, boosting mood. [12]
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