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Sleek and potent sleep support!

Introducing your new sleep companion, a flavor neutral alternative to our bestselling formula. Featuring six potent sleep-inducing botanicals, this blend supports a smooth transition from the drama of your day into a more serene, uninterrupted sleep. These softgels were crafted to ease your body back into its ideal circadian rhythm and be easy to take wherever you go.

How it works/Benefits

A potent blend of herbs and cannabinoids that are clinically shown to release tension and promote higher-quality sleep.* 

  • Passionflower, chamomile, valerian, lemon balm, and anise seed all contain hypnotic compounds directly related to better sleep [3][5][6][8][10]
  • Lemon balm, chamomile, and passionflower reduce anxiety to calm the mind, supporting healthier circadian rhythms [1][2][4][8]
  • CBD pairs with CBN to ease the mind and promote optimal relaxation to support better-quality sleep [11][12][13][14]
How to use

suggested use:

Adults: start with 1-2 softgels 45mins before bedtime. Increase as desired or advised. 



CBD: 1000mg

CBN: 200mg


Botanicals (1:6 Extract Ratio)



Passionflower, Chamomile, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Anise Seed, Hemp

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Ingredients with a purpose


Reduces anxiety, eases tension

Passiflora incarnata
● The active compound, chrysin (a type of bioflavonoid), inhibits GABA reuptake in the brain; making it available for longer. GABA is known for producing a calming effect.[1]
● Clinically shown to have pronounced effects to calm stress, agitation, and anxiety.[1]
● Anti-spasmodic properties help in relaxing muscles. [2]
● Clinically shown to improve sleep quality [3]
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Sleep support, reduces anxiety, eases tension

Matricaria chamomila
● Historically used for its ability to relieve stress and nervous tension. [4]
● Chamomile has been shown to significantly improve sleep quality. [5]


Sleep support, eases tension

Valeriana officinalis
● Studies point to valerian as a valuable extract to combat insomnia and support sleep [4]
● Used for centuries as a sedative and in modern OTC medicines to ease muscle and joint tension, contributing to higher-quality sleep [6]

Lemon Balm

Sleep support, reduces anxiety

Melissa officinalis
● 95% of participants in a pilot study using Melissa officinalis extract reported relief from symptoms of anxiety and/or insomnia. [7]
● Historically used as a light sedative to support relaxation and sleep. [8]

Anise Seed

Sleep support

Pimpinella anisum
● Aniseed has been historically for its soothing and sedative capacities, effects that are further supported by its antioxidant properties. [9]
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Reduces anxiety, sleep support

Cannabis sativa ssp. Sativa
● CBD ingestion demonstrates improved clinical outcomes for healthy adults experiencing anxiety and people experiencing generalized anxiety disorder and other associated manifestations. [10][11]
● While more research is required, preliminary studies show that CBN in conjunction with other cannabinoids can provide key sleep support.[12][13]
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  • science backed herbalist formulated
  • full-spectrum
  • gluten-free
  • organically grown
  • gmp certified
  • non-gmo
Supplement facts

Serving Size: 1 softgles (.5ml)

Servings per container: 60

Ingredients: MCT Oil* (Coconut-derived), Hemp, Passionflower*, Chamomile*, Valerian*, Anise Seed*, Gelatin, Purified Water. 

*Certified Organic

Third Party test results

We've tested all formulas with 3rd party labs to ensure efficacy, consistency, and safety. Click here to see certificate of analysis.

Our process

Our products are made using craft batch methods at a cGMP facility, allowing us to rigorously test and control for quality. Our botanicals are infused in a manner that helps preserve the heat-sensitive compounds present and yields their whole plant power. Our terpene-rich and cannabinoid-diverse hemp is extracted using a cold wash process with organic whole-grain alcohol that allows us to capture and maintain most of the compounds present in the plant.

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