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Everything You Need to Know About Solo Hemp

Everything You Need to Know About Solo Hemp

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new line of hemp-derived products. After years of ideation, formulation, and testing, our newest line, Solo Hemp, is now ready for your enjoyment.

Why Solo Hemp?

Cannabis has a direct and significant impact on the quality of life for a lot of people. Currently, price holds a barrier or strain for many who need it on a daily basis. Because of this, there needs to be greater access to high-grade cannabinoid products at more accessible price points.  

We see solo hemp as a line that helps us expand our goal of “helping people feel good in their bodies” by going back to our cannabis roots and providing simple, specific, affordable and potent hemp derived products.

While we are initially only introducing two products to our line (Balance and Relief), we envision adding on several more potent blends with specific cannabinoid combinations to help cover a greater range of needs.  

We provide some of the highest quality hemp products on the market. All of the cannabinoids used in our products come from hemp organically grown in the United States. In keeping it simple that allows us to lower our price, not a change in quality.

Xula is setting a new bar for what it means to ethically price high grade products and put accessibility in the forefront of Xula’s mission.


Solo Hemp:Balance

No frills, just high-grade full-spectrum CBD. Balance may help support your body to more easily find the balance it seeks.

  • CBD is a key cannabinoid in encouraging greater balance (homeostasis) for both body and mind. You can think of CBD as a “super-vitamin” or nutraceutical: something that optimizes wellness and protects against various chronic diseases.
  • Our full-spectrum CBD has naturally high levels of other cannabinoids such as  CBC, CBG, and D9-THC. Due to the synergistic interactions of these compounds, our oil tends to be more potent than most other CBD products in the market.

What’s in it?

  • 1300mg CBD
  • 120mg CBC

Supports: Relaxing, Anti-Inflammatory, reduces eye-pressure, fights nausea, neuroprotectant.


Solo Hemp: Relief

1:1 This optimal ratio in Relief provides high concentrations of both CBD and CBG.  For those seeking a slight twist to the general wellness benefits experienced through CBD alone. CBG is said to amplify the effects of CBD while supporting more of the pain management and gut health support.

By incorporating high levels of CBG, this formula is geared towards providing gut health support and greater pain relief while simultaneously promoting greater sense of wellness, balance, and relaxation. Our combination of 1:1 CBG to CBD blends two full-spectrum extracts that truly harness that entourage effect as it also incorporates minor cannabinoids such as CBC and D9-THC as well as a breadth of flavonoids and terpenes.

CBG is known as the “Mother Cannabinoid” is the molecule from which most other cannabinoids are derived. Interacting with our cannabinoid system in a manner that is a bit more direct than CBD it more specifically supports pain relief and gut wellness.

What’s in it?

  • 650mg CBG
  • 650mg CBD

Supports: Relaxing, Pain Relief, Gut Health, Neuroprotection*

*Neuroprotection refers to the relative preservation of neuronal structure and/or function. In the case of an ongoing insult the relative preservation of neuronal integrity implies a reduction in the rate of neuronal loss over time, which can be expressed as a differential equation.

Why is there a large price gap between Solo Hemp and the other lines?

We want to make our products as accessible as possible without sacrificing quality. The process of making our other products is more complex and makes it inevitably priced higher. We developed solo hemp in part to address this issue.


Where is Solo Hemp sourced from?

Xula’s CBD extract comes from our own organic hemp farm in Southern Oregon. Composed of a blend of 5 different hemp strains, it has naturally high levels of CBC, CBG, and D9-THC which gives it a potency and therapeutic potential unlike most other hemp extracts in the market. 

Our CBG extract comes from Rogue Bear Farms, a farm with organic practices also located in Southern Oregon, a few miles down the line from our own farm. 

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