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Rituals for Spring

Rituals for Spring


The Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is a time when the day and night are equal in length, marking the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This time of year has been celebrated by cultures throughout history with rituals and traditions that honor the renewal of life and the awakening of the natural world. 

To honor the beginning of spring, we’ve put together a series of rituals (that can be done together or separately) to welcome change, growth, revitalization, and renewal for yourself. In the same way that our energy fluctuates with our menstrual cycle, our energy also fluctuates with the change of seasons. While winter is a time to recharge and reconnect, this equinox is the perfect moment to set and take action on new intentions.  

Consider trying the following rituals to welcome the Spring during the Equinox:


Set an Altar

Altars are a place of centering a very personal reminder of the values that you personally find important. Since spring is a time to engage in spiritual practices and rituals to connect with nature, new beginnings, and the cycles of life, an altar can be a perfect representation and reminder of this. Feel free to incorporate anything that connects you to spring but some ideas for an altar include:

Flowers (especially warm colours); black and white candles; seeds, citrus, fruits, pomegranates, honey; citrine, clear quartz, aventurine; milk or honey. Tarot cards such as the High Priestess and Nine of Cups may also adorn your altar.



  1. Cleanse your space, palo santo, sage or cedar can help
  2. Ground + center yourself, sitting in an upright position. If you have set an altar, sit facing your altar. 
  3. Hold a plant in your hands, thinking of how it connects you to the Universe. May it remind you that there’s always balance in the chaos.
  4. Imagine the energy of this plant sitting within you, its vines and leaves growing out through your arms and through the top of your head, connecting back to the Earth.
  5. What does the energy of your plant feel like? Do you feel its connection to earth and yourself?
  6. Sit with this energy for 10 minutes and come back to it every time you get distracted. 
  7. lWelcome this energy, this is the energy of spring, of renewal.


Set intentions

Intention setting isn’t just for New Year’s Eve and is actually even more powerful during this time of year. . What values ​​do you want to align yourself with? What desire are you pursuing? 

how to set intentions

  1. Get Grounded. This can be by starting with a meditation (like the above) or simply taking a few moments of deep breaths. 
  2. Reflect on your 5 core life areas: 
    1. Relationships
    2. Work / Professional life 
    3. Health 
    4. Spiritual Self 
    5. Creative Self

 How do you feel about where you are now in these areas? How is this different from where you were last year? What are things you would like to maintain and what are things you would like to change in these areas? 

  1. Get a journal, a piece of paper to write with, or anything that you feel can best express your reflections. Consider creating a vision board or simply answer the questions above.
  2. Now set your main intention of each of your life areas in a piece of paper and keep it somewhere that you can see it everyday to remind yourself such as a bathroom mirror or your front door. 


Plant some Seeds

One of the most common rituals associated with the Spring Equinox is the practice of planting seeds. This is a time when the earth is awakening from its winter slumber, and the soil is becoming fertile once again. Planting seeds at this time represents the hope and renewal of life, and it is a way to connect with the earth and its cycles.

Look up what will grow best in your climate and temperatures, and do some gardening. Consider the space you have, and plan your planting accordingly. Feel free to plant anything from flowers to edible herbs. 



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