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The 10 Best Ways to Use Cannabis in Your Daily Routine

The 10 Best Ways to Use Cannabis in Your Daily Routine

Over the past year, cannabis has become even more incorporated into many of our daily routines. It’s helped us manage stress, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. More importantly, it’s helped us laugh and find joy in difficult moments. While there’s no single best way to enjoy cannabis, there are so many opportunities to welcome it into your life. You don’t have to smoke (or even consume) to get the most out of this versatile plant. Here are some tips for enjoying cannabis throughout your day.


1. Before You Meditate


Want to start your day feeling calm, centered, and present? Cannabis can help to relax your body and mind, making it the perfect prelude to your daily meditation practice. You can start off with a smoking ritual before easing into meditation. If you’re concerned about anxiety killing the vibe try terpenes, CBD flower, or a calming tincture with CBD and CBG instead.


2. While You Journal


Using cannabis while journaling can help you process your emotions, plant seeds of intention, and map out your desires. Journaling also offers you an opportunity to be more thoughtful and intentional with your cannabis consumption. Consider
how you want to feel and what you’d like to experience. In what ways could cannabis help you find that balance in your life? What are some of your loftiest goals? Dream big, then take inspired action!


3. During Your Workout


Staying active is vital to your mental and physical well-being, and incorporating weed into your workout can take it to the next level. A quick session beforehand could help you get in the zone. Cannabis can also help relax your muscles during a workout, and CBD can aid in recovery.


4. Soothe Aches and Pains


Dealing with soreness in your joints, muscles, or womb? Topicals that feature full-spectrum CBD oil and plant botanicals are must-haves. Their anti-inflammation and pain-relieving abilities can provide the comfort you need to move through your day.


5. To Enhance Your Creativity


Cannabis and creativity go hand in hand. Countless writers, artists, and musicians used weed to spark inspiration, and it can be your muse as well. Use cannabis as a tool to remove creative blocks and help you express your ideas more freely.


6. In Your Home Garden


Cannabis can be grown just like a house plant! It’s very easy and it doesn’t require toxic pesticides or expensive equipment (it’s called weed for a reason)! With some soil, water, seed, and sunlight you’ll have weed that’s clean and green in the comfort of your own home. You’ll save money, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, and you’ll deepen your relationship with the plant.


7. At Your Table


Cannabis can enhance the joy of cooking and the pleasure of savoring a meal. Add some infused coconut oil to your morning smoothie, or bake some classic brownie bars using cannabutter. If you can come together safely, gather your loved ones for an infused brunch or dinner. With all edibles be sure to start low and go slow!


8. With Your Lover (or Solo!)


You could even use cannabis to connect with your intimate partner(s). Cannabis intimacy oils and CBD lube can ease discomfort, help you relax into the present moment, and have better orgasms. All the single folks can reap the benefits as well. Understanding your body and honing in on your own pleasure is next-level self-love.


C9. As Part of Your Bathing Ritual


Cannabis baths can soothe your body and nourish your skin. Draw a bath using CBD bath salts, light your favorite candle, put on a relaxing playlist, and soak the drama of your day away.


10. At Bedtime

Finally, use cannabis for more restful sleep. Wind down with a medicated mug of herbal tea sweetened with infused honey. Try a tincture with CBD and CBN and drift into dreamland.


In Cannaclusion…

Each person’s journey with cannabis is incredibly unique. The key is to find what works best for you. Try introducing cannabis into your daily activities using these suggestions as your guide. Note how you feel physically, emotionally, and energetically. Keep track of what products, doses, and practices work best for you and your lifestyle. With some intentional experimentation, you can cultivate a plant-powered routine that makes you feel like your highest self.

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