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Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the first day of astronomical winter. Join us for ritual cannabis consumption for the winter solstice.

Before we start, remember to be in the right headspace and the right state of body and mind. You can prepare your physical and mental space by:

  • Playing some music
  • Tidying up the space around you
  • Adjusting the lighting (the winter solstice is intimately related to our relationship with light)
  • Preparing your herbs

Herbs and Affirmations

First, grind herbs with intention, feel free to use a blessing, prayer, or this affirmation for your herbs.

"I call every direction,

earth, fire, water, and air,

from flower to powder you go

your power and essence shall stay,

may your energy overflow

and your lessons resonate

assist me as I'm letting go

and hold me as I elevate"

As you bless and grind your herbs, all negativity is removed and replaced by higher frequency, envision thoughts that promote happiness, well-being and tranquility to match these intentions.

Rollup with Mantras to Manifest

Our next step requires our rolling papers and a pencil, whatever it is you seek, a destination, a goal, something you wish to have for yourself: write this on your paper right before you roll up.

As you place your herbs onto your rolling paper, feel free to repeat a personal mantra or use the one below for letting go and removing stagnant energy:

"as above so below, what no longer serves me I must let go,

let go with grace, let go with ease, I walk away, I am at peace"

Breathing In and Letting Go

Finally, spark up and as you watch the smoke float away, envision all these things you're no longer attached to floating away from you too, being removed easily and being replaced with what's in alignment with your purpose.

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