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Xula's Staff Picks Holiday Gift Guide

Xula's Staff Picks Holiday Gift Guide

We went around the Xula team and asked what our favorite gifts for this holiday season are. Here’s our staff round-up of brands and products we love dearly. Keep in mind that some of the prices are listed in Mexican pesos and others in US dollars. So shop slowly and mindfully for the perfect gift. PS all of our picks are small businesses or nonprofits. :)


barbari bundle

Morning Sex Bundle from Barbari

I am hooked on this bundle. Might be surprising to hear but these herbal pre-rolls and cannabinoid-infused herbal tea are my go-to combo for whenever I am experiencing a mid-day slump. Both relaxing and stimulating, it gets me right back into my work groove. -Karina

happy period from Xula

These drops are the perfect companion for anyone who ever struggles with pain during their period. Not only do they ease the pain, but they also help you relax and connect more with yourself during this key point in the month. Definitely my go-to gift for any friend who mentions cramps getting in the way of their daily life. -Karina


crimson bouquet

Sustainable Flower Arrangement from Urban Stems

My choice for the winter season is Urban Stems’ Crimson arrangement which includes proteas, roses, and Calla lilies. They make unique and stunning arrangements all the while working directly with farms to ensure environmental and working standards are met. It’s always a good idea to surprise anyone with a bouquet showing up at their door—and it's an especially convenient and thoughtful for far-flung friends and family that are living in a different city. -Karina


kids of immigrants

Sage T-shirt from Kids of Immigrants

As a child of immigrants and a quasi-mutual aid hoe, I love the concept of this brand, their community initiatives that include mutual aid and clothing collaboration for the youth and migrant populations. -Mennlay


mhm! moon + mood from Xula

I looked at my face in natural light in the mirror for the first time in a long time and not to my surprise had a full beard and mustache. Although it’s hot on some women and femmes it’s something that is a sign that my hormones are going through changes. The past several months have really been challenging as well as I have been experiencing night sweats. I won’t say that taking our PMS and hormonal toning herbal formula has gotten rid of these symptoms but I will say that when I take it there is a noticeable difference in temperature regulation and my oh so often mood swings. -Mennlay



Toallas faciales from Quimera

It took me a while to realize that facial exfoliation with a towel and oil is a thing and extremely beneficial for my skin. This particular facial towel that I purchased at Quimera in Merida is made from a unique species of cotton from the coastal Oaxacan region of Mexico. -Mennlay


The Pleated Collection from Studio Nin

Literally anything from this collection by Mexico City-based Studio Nin. -Mennlay


braiding sweetgrass

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer from Milkweed Editions

Robin Wall Kimmerer draws on her scientific knowledge as a botanist and the teachings she’s grown up with as a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation to tell stories that break down the binary between humans and nature, revealing how the stories we tell can help us repair our relationship with our world. This is a great gift for your friend who hosts impromptu herb walks, but it’s just as appropriate for anyone in your life facing climate anxiety, a helpful companion to imagining more fertile futures. -Layla


uff! touch + soothe from Xula

I gave this salve to my mom for her birthday last month. She was CBD-hesitant so I opted for this topical product instead of a tincture. She’s obsessed and even called me out of the blue to ask if she could use it on her face (the answer is yes). Plus, it’s great for battling the pervasive dryness of New York winters. -Layla


necklace curiosa

Freshwater Pearl Flor Necklace from Curiosa

These cutie necklaces are made by designer Doris Gutierrez. They come in four fun colors (Perla, Limon, Lavender, Rosita) and feature a funky flower pendant, made from hammered sterling silver. They’re made-to-order to avoid waste so check with the creator about holiday timing. This necklace is great for your gen-z prima or any young-at-heart loved one. -Layla


goldenhour cream

GoldenHour from Pepita

A gentle antioxidant light cream to moisturize and hydrate your face, great versus pollution, cold and sun exposure. I use this every morning before SPF. Great for anyone who’s really into natural skincare (and very much into sunbathing, like me). -Lety


zzz! lights out from Xula

I struggle with insomnia from time to time. After trying a lot of alternatives, Lights Out not only helps me relax at the end of a stressful day, but I get a full night of sleep—como un bebe. I’m planning to introduce my mom to CBD with this product since she usually sleeps less than 4 hours every day. -Lety


checkers set

Set Calma Checkers Verde from Rafaela.clo

I love this cotton set. I have it in pink, black and I’ve been eying the checkers for a while. I really enjoy buying made-to-order clothing because it is more responsible for the environment. Also, shopping from Mexican designers makes me smile. -Lety


flower power sweater

Flower Power Sweater from Little Beast Co

A gift for my mejor amiga (my dog), a colorful knit to battle the winter’s cold and seasonal depression. Perfect for anyone with a furry friend - dog, cat, rabbit, or very large hamster. -Lety



‘Petition’ Waistbeads from Birthright


These waistbeads feature shades of pink, garnet, and bronze to promote emotional + self-love, grounding, and feelings of security, lust, and passion. I personally feel like my body is my altar which is why I enjoy accessories and pieces that allow me to feel grounded, secure and sexy in my own skin and Birthright waistbeads are just the tool for that. A gift for your spiritual bestie that’s in need of new beginnings while improving their relationship to their body. Hint: it’s okay if that bestie is yourself (; -Omi


ah! calm + clarity from Xula

I’m neurodivergent and I feel like Ah! has become the holy grail on those days that my brain feels like its buzzing too loud, it helps me by buffing the rough edges of my day and keeping me focused and feeling confident that I’m able to tackle all the stuff on my to-do list. This one is perfect for the neurodivergent cutie in your life who might need a little extra hand navigating stressful situations and shifts or even for your sibling that’s getting a new job or hitting a milestone such as going back to college! -Omi


love heals bandana

Love Heals Cotton Bandana from House Dogge


This bandana is light-weight so it’s a perfect gift for the dogs in your life. Get matching ones for your pet-parent friends and their pups! I'm definitely getting one for me and my dog Sheba so we can be stylin’ while spreading the message that love is the answer and the energy for next year. It’s designed by former Nike designer Angela Medlin and hand printed, featuring a vintage-inspired feel. Plus, 10% of each purchase is donated towards organizations that help people and pups alike. -Omi

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